Mississippi County Republican Photos


The Mississippi County Republican Committee met at the Bush Thornton Building January 22nd to elect officers for 2015-2017.   Back row, left to right, Miller Wilson, Republican Election commissioner; Sharron Shaffer, Secretary; Tom Wiktorek, Election Commissioner, Rick Ash, JP District 8;  Front row,Justin Cissell, State Committeman, Kylie Crosskno, District Member; Dorothy Crockett, Chairman and Connie Ash, First Vice Chair.  Not pictured, Morris Sue Wood, State Committeewoman; Barbara Francis, Treasurer; and Tom Francis, Second Vice Chairman.

First District Chairman Benny Speaks presented The 2014 First Annual Event Award to Mississippi county Republican Committee at the December 06 RPA meeting in Little Rock

Sharron Shaffer, Secyretary; Tom Wiktorek, Election Commissioner; Barbara Francis, Treasurer, Dorothy Crockett, Chair; and Connie Ash, First Vice Chair.


Dorothy Crockett, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Sharron Shaffer

Mississippi County Republican Committee 2011 Fairbooth!

Secretary of State Mark Martin at the Blytheville Rotary Club
Tom Wiktorek, Dorothy Crockett, Secy. Martin, Barbara Francis and Glenn Samford

On the campaign trail with Jim Keet-Pete and Vicki Nutt, Alyson Meadows,
Jim Keet, Dorothy Crockett, Mary Wallace and Keith Crestman



Justin Cissell, State Committeeman; Dorothy Crockett, Secretary-State Committeewoman; Marvel Dickerson, District Committeewoman;  Morris Sue Wood, 2nd Vice Chair; Tom Wiktorek, 1st Vice Chair, Election Commissioner and District Committeeman;  Barbara Francis, Treasurer and Glenn Samford, Chairman

Mississippi County Delegation attending the First Congressional District Meeting 2-19-2011
Back Row-Justin Cissell, Glenn Samford, Dorothy Crockett, Chairman Benny Speak, Bill Widner, Steve Knox, Velmar Bailey
Front Row- Jordan Hardy, Morris Sue Wood, Sandra Samford, Mary Wallace and Barbara Francis
Not pictured, Tom Wiktorek


Barbara Francis, Congressman Rick Crawford, Dorothy Crockett and Glenn Samford 

Congressional District Office  2400 E Highland  Suite 300 Jonesboro, AR

Republican Booth Chili Cook Off STRAW POLL SITE!
Morris Sue Wood and Dorothy Crockett

Righ Side of Chili Cook off booth!

Left side Chili Cook off Booth!


Ann Bush, Marvel Dickerson, Steve Knox, Dorothy Crockett, Barbara Francis    
2010 Fair

RPA Winter Festival, 12-03-04
Secretary of State Elect, Mark Martin, Congressman Elect tim Griffin, Jim Keet,
Lt. Governor Elect Mark Darr, RPA Chairman Doyle Webb and Land Commissioner Elect, John Thurston


Chairman Samford and Curtis Coleman

RPA Executive Director, Chase Dugger and Dorothy Crockett

Dorothy, Sandra, Jim and Glenn
 Greene County Meet and Greet , Paragould, AR for Jim Keet Oct.2010

Barbara Francis , Mississippi County Republican Committee Treasurer and  committee member, Mary Wallace

                                  Kim Darr, Sharron Shaffer and Lt. Gov. Mark Darr                                     

                                                                                                         Sheila Dobbs,Sharecroppers,John Boozman                                

Debbie and Bill Widner


Rhoda Yost, John Boozman, Hannah Yost, Cathy Boozman  

March 25th Republican Committee Meeting with Rep. Mark Martin, candidate for
Secretary of State as guest speaker.
Allen Bush, Brad and Rhoda Yost, Mark Martin, Tom Wiktorek, Dorothy Crockett, Tyler Dunegan, Justin Cissell, Ann Bush and Barbara

Steve Knox, Glenn Samford, Bill Widner, Mary Wallace, Sandra Samford, Dorothy Crockett,
Gary Thomas, Marvel Dickerson, Rhoda Yost, Barbara Francis, Cecelia Wiktorek, Ann Bush, Tom Wiktorek and Allen Bush.

                                                                                                    Mississippi County Committee  with Fred Ramey                                                          


John Boozman and Jordan Hardy


James Hilton, Glenn Samford, Bill Widner, Mary Wallace, Sandra Samford, Dorothy Crockett,
Gary Thomas, Marvel Dickerson, Rhoda Yost, Barbara Francis, Ann Bush, Cecelia Wiktorek,
Tom Wiktorek and Allen Bush

Vice Chairman and Election Commissioner, Tom Wiktorek and wife, Cecelia


 MCRC Christmas Party 2007 at the home of Dorothy Crockett

Dorothy Crockett and Secy. of State, Mark Martin

Allen Bush  "Elections have Consequences"

Republican National Committeewoman, Reta Hamilton; Sharron Shaffer and Dorothy Crockett
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